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Like any great relationship, ours started with taxes.  After working at the same company for several months, we initially bonded over the excitement of the upcoming “tax return season” (no, we aren’t accountants, just two people looking to get something back from Uncle Sam). He texted her a picture of a recently received W-2 and the rest, as they say, is history.

We started dating soon after April 15th. Mr. PTM, straight out of grad school, got a decent tax return. Ms. PTM did not. While the tax returns didn’t develop into anything exciting, the relationship did. We quickly bonded over similar interests: good food, love of the outdoors, and travel (especially travel). The more time we spent with each other, the more we realized the potential of an awesome future together. However, it wasn’t until we moved in together that we realized that although our vision for the future is the same, the path of saving the money to get there is completely different; we are financial opposites.

On being anonymous…

We’re both big into transparency and want this blog to be a space where we can be honest with ourselves and our readers without jeopardizing our day jobs or awkwardizing (new word!) our personal relationships with family, friends, or colleagues.  So in this blog, we are simply Mr. or Ms. Passion.Travel.Money.

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