Like many of you, we’re working hard to multiply our side hustles and get to FIRE freedom as fast as we can, which means we’ve decided to oh-so-lightly monetize this blog. Not with ads, of course! Ads can be really annoying and if you choose to patronize our blog, why we would want something else on the page to compete for your attention?

So what kind of monetization am I talking about?

I’m talking about referral links. If there is a product or service that we use and would recommend to our friends and family, we’ll use referral links.

Wait, what’s a referral link?

A referral link is a unique link to a product or service that let’s that business know who sent a potential new customer their way. Lots of companies use them to pull in new customers and typically reward the referrer (us!) with a few pennies. With enough of these referrals, we might even get a couple nickels to rub together. 😉

So, in short, feel free to use these links as a way to show support for the blog… or not (and that’s ok!). In all honestly, we do this because it’s a creative outlet and we want to share our tips, tricks, and experience with others. We doubt if any referral revenue would actually offset the cost of hosting. (But it’s worth a shot!)